iphone6Let’s compete in a open book challenge!! How fast can one answer, the combined wealth of the top 10 rich people on this earth? By the time, you finish reading the question, hundred kids might have already answered it to near perfection. $500 billion is an approximate number, that i summed using my numerical skills with the data provided on wikipedia after googling. It was a figure quoted in July by Forbes. A smart kid may well get exact figure on this day with the help of his smart connected device. The gadget could be either phone, Glass, Wig or Watch.

Did i failed trying to use my basic math skills and googling skills on my desktop? Do i really need to reach out to my computer to find an answer for this? Am i generation old to compete with the present generation wizards?

A 50 year old degree holder is confused to make or end a phone call on a super easy to use iPhone. While a first standard kid is searching for a facebook app on a smart phone. A kindergarten kid knows how to navigate through the menu and play a FruitNinja / AngryBirds game or play her favourite song.

This is a proof of technology bringing digital divide between generations. What that means for present day’s, hardworking professionals and thriving businesses? How can they stay relevant and competitive in times, when every old school of thought was challenged and disrupted.

With the invention of apps, faster and cheaper Giga Hertz processors & Giga bit rams, 4G & 5G speed networks, penetrating cloud onto every connected device, ones IQ is now measured by the device & Gigs in his or her hands.

Every task i do now, gets done 100 times faster and more productive on my smart phone. Thanks for the app innovation happening daily to make us more connected, more productive and live in more frugal ways. Be it individual or a business, to stay competitive with the next generation, one needs to be at the forefront in embracing technology innovations. mobile first is a strategy, that is equally important, for oneself to be seen as smart by people around, or for the businesses to stay competitive and profitable in coming decade.

Every smartphone app out there today, has potential to kill hundred traditional businesses and thousands of jobs. Millions & millions of travel agents, middlemen, drivers, postmans, small retailers, street vendors, tele marketers around the world are going to be replaced in next decade, with the onslaught of cloud and apps integrating into peoples lives.

1Kodak was killed by smart phone companies. They are not even a competitors to Kodak. Are Drones and driverless cars going to kill courier companies? How many recruiting businesses are going to be doomed if LinkedIn integrates Siri and Whatson artificial intelligence technology?

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